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Please note that NGRR is chartered to operate in Northern California from San Luis Obispo and Fresno counties to the Oregon Border and the Reno/Lake Tahoe area of Nevada. If you are within this area, please select the County/City pair closest to you from the dropdown below (this is a required field).

You must complete your application once you begin. If you leave the questionnaire and return later, you will have to start over.

If your county is not listed (meaning you are outside our chartered area), we suggest that you instead contact your local state rescue group which can be found at: www.grca-nrc.org

Thank you so much for offering to volunteer for Norcal Golden Retriever Rescue (NGRR. This application is for general volunteer work, both hands on and in support roles. However, foster volunteers are a separate category. If you want to foster for us, stop here, and go to our on line foster application. If you want to offer to be a volunteer and a foster, then complete both applications.

  • NGRR does not have a facility. Instead, we operate out of our homes and work together mostly through our website, e-mail and phone.
  • Our volunteer positions vary from hands on work such as meeting with adoption applicants and people who surrender dogs in your area, to support positions working solely out of your house with the phone and e-mail.
  • We do not typically have opportunities for high school or college students looking for short term community service. The nature of our work requires a more continuous presence.
  • The basic skills and requirements for all of our volunteer positions are:
    1. Good people skills: we rely on our volunteers ability to work with other volunteers and with the public.
    2. Basic Computer literacy: we communicate mostly by e mail, and through a Yahoo group web site. Much of our data regarding members, dogs and applicants resides on our website, so our volunteers need to know email, how to navigate a web site, do simple on line forms, etc.
  • For a complete list of all the NGRR volunteer positions, their job description and skills required, see the NGRR Volunteer Jobs page.
  • For a list of all the currently open NGRR volunteer positions, see NGRR Must Fill Jobs page.

Personal Information

Please check the boxes of the positions which interest you.

This includes

  • Home visits- Visits home of people wishing to adopt
  • Shelter checks-Visits shelters in your living area to rescue abandoned or lost Goldens
  • Transportation- Drives dogs to vet appointments, move dog, food or equipment from one area to another
  • Surrender assistance--Asists in picking up surrendered dogs, evaluating behavior, finding fosters
  • Adoption asistance--Helps arrange meetings between dogs andprospective aplicants, helps to find right match
  • Senior Golden Program--Working with and finding homes for Senior Goldens

Activity Management

Outreach and Education

Professional Support


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