Surrender Information

If you need to rehome your Golden Retriever or Golden-Mix into a new forever home, please complete our Online Surrender Application. We also have a Printable Surrender Application that can be filled out manually and mailed to our Mail Box as shown in Contact Us. A volunteer will arrange to meet with you, answer all your questions, and evaluate your dog. We require owners to inform us of any health and behavioral concerns with the dog and to sign a Surrender Contract giving up all rights to the dog. Both spouses or other adults responsible for the dog’s care must agree to the surrender. If you do not hear from us within 2 days, please call 650-665-0964 and/or email us at [email protected] and we will ensure you are contacted within 24 hours.

Upon evaluation and acceptance, NGRR will place your dog into a fully vetted and approved loving foster home and never in a shelter/kennel until the perfect family is found. NGRR does its best to find the right match of the dog’s temperament to the new adoptive home’s desires.

NGRR cannot accept every dog offered to us. A few examples of this are:

1. We cannot accept aggressive dogs, especially those who bite humans or other animals without a behavioral and wellness assessment with s licensed veterinarian.

2. We only accept Golden Retrievers, Golden-Mixes, and bonded pairs with at least one Golden Retriever in Northern California.

3. We cannot accept terminally ill dogs diagnosed with cancer.

If the NGRR volunteer who visits you has a concern about the dog’s behavior or physical or medical condition, we may ask you to arrange (at your expense) for one of our recommended veterinarian behaviorists and/or a licensed veterinarian to examine the dog before we can accept it. We will work with our surrendering families to achieve the best outcome for the dog.

For questions, please contact us at [email protected].