Name: Theo

Number: 43302

Age: 13 years 0 months

Gender: Male

Cars: Gets in with help

Cats: don't know, don't have a kitty to test.

Kids: Good, older mellow kids would be ideal

Other Dogs: excellent

Owner Exp.: Beginner

Home Alone: excellent


Theo Update

Theo is good to go. He's lost 5-6 pounds, gotten several good baths, and has been to the vet for minor surgery, had his teeth cleaned and to check his levels for hyperthyroid. He's gotten a clean bill of health. Not bad for a 13 yo boy. We are looking for a quiet, mellow, consistent home for him with maybe one other dog and ppl home during the day. Is that you?

Update on Theo

He's doing well, recuperating from minor surgery. We have found out he's pretty hard of hearing. Super sweet, likes other dogs and also loves to cuddle. We have lessen his food and he's lost 5#. Way to go Theo. He's ready for his furever home. A nice mellow stable home for this ole boy would be ideal where there are people home...

Theo's Status

Theo is a goofy super sweet ole golden. Right now he's in foster care waiting out a few doctors appointments. One to check the status of his teeth and also his thyroid level. Making sure he's on the right medication and dose. The second appt. is for some minor surgery to get a tumor or growth removed from the bottom of his eyelid. Theo loves cuddles, walks and love to eat. He's a very happy boy and pretty healthy for his age. He won't be available for adoption until the end of July at the earliest. Thanks for your interest in THEO!