Name: Tesla

Number: 33469

Age: 6 Years 1 Months

Gender: Female

Cars: Rides Fine

Cats: Unknown

Kids: Unknown

Other Dogs: Lived with many other goldens

Owner Exp.: Beginner

Home Alone: Unknown at this time. More info soon.


Coming Soon

Tess is a timid red girl with really no training. Tesla did not know her name or any commands. We haven't mastered any commands yet and she is just getting comfortable with her new surroundings. She has had two baths and we're working out the few mats remaining in her fur. She now will roll over to let me brush her tummy finally. Our first walk was yesterday and she was very afraid of cars/trucks/trailers so that will be a work in progress. She wants to walk on the neighbor's dirt or yard as opposed to asphalt. It may have been her very first walk! We will now continue to walk daily to work on increasing her confidence. She has plenty of energy, tho! Tess requires full medical including a spay and a weight loss plan that includes slow and steady walking to help with her weight from 90 lbs. She is currently being fostered in San Luis Obispo County