Name: Tahoe

Number: 27287

Age: 11 Years 0 Months

Gender: Male

Cars: Rides nicely

Cats: Unknown

Kids: Good

Other Dogs: Great

Owner Exp.: Beginner Still a very active boy.

Home Alone: Not good left alone for long periods



Hello there...my name is Tahoe. I know that because my people always say Tahoe, Tahoe, Tahoe No, really I am a good listener.I am 10 years old and a sleek, athletic, healthy 60lbs. I have no ongoing health issues. My joints are even in good shape. You might notice from my pictures that I seem to have misplaced my front teeth. The people that had me before thought leaving me in a crate was the way to keep me from running away, but it just made me want to get away even more.(note to self...you cannot chew thru a metal crate). The Vet says my stubs are just fine and don't effect my ability to eat at all. When I first came to my foster family, I tried to bolt the minute the front door opened but now I love and trust and want nothing more then to be with my people. I'm great with all ages of kids. I super duper love having lots of other dog friends to hang out with. If you've got the time, I would love to go for a run with you.(as long as you can go 90mph!) I'm good on the leash but I can be trusted off leash and love a good "pack walk". I'm always up for a ride in the car. Loud noises tend to make me nervous but a little reassurance from you will calm me right down. I do have a pretty high prey drive and will gladly gift you with that pesky rat that thought he could hide in the garage. Not sure how I will react to a cat but my foster thinks that if the cat is kind of mellow, I'll treat them as another new friend. I really love my new life here with my foster family and it's going to be quite a transition getting used to a new loving family, some of my old insecurities might come back, so please just be patient me and you will be greatly rewarded...'cuz, ya know, I'm a Golden Retriever