Sunny/ Mitzy (mix)

Name: Sunny/ Mitzy (mix)

Number: 79626

Age: 4 Years 1 Months

Gender: Female

Cars: good

Cats: Not evaluated but no prey drive

Kids: Older

Other Dogs: yes

Owner Exp.: Medium

Home Alone: Mitzy would like someone home during the day.

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Hi there, I’m Sunny/Mitzy. The shelter people named me Sunny, but now I answer to Mitzy. Since I was a shelter dog, no one really knows any of my back story. I was already spayed and of course all my shots are now up to date. I am a mix of Golden and Australian Shepard. I’m a Golden inside my heart and soul but an Aussie on the outside. I am severely overweight and completely obsessed with food so my new family needs to be very vigilant about keeping food out of reach. I love to go for walks and hikes and really need to do that 2 times a day to get healthy. My Foster mom has me on minimal dog food, but adds tons of veggies. I love being around other dogs and really like kids, but since I am food aggressive, it should be older kids that are aware. I have a very sweet nature, very calm in the house, loud noises don’t bother me and good on leash or off. Love riding in the car. Will you help me make a new story and have the fun active life I know is waiting for me.