Number: 78061

Age: 10 Years 7 Months

Gender: Male

Owner Exp.: Simba is a well behaved boy but will have ongoing eye, ear and maybe skin treatments.

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Simba in Evaluation

Meet Simba, a 10 yo, 100 lbs. golden boy. Yes, that’s right he has now lost 18 lbs. We are focused on getting him under 100lbs, but he is a big boy. He came into rescue with as a bonded pair with Milo, a 4-5 year old American Staffordshire mix but we will be adopting them out separately. He gets along with other dogs but would enjoy another older dog? He is a very sweet and affectionate boy with so much love to give his forever family! He loves to go for a walk and will grab his leash in his mouth if he sees you getting your shoes on. Walks about a 2-3 mile daily which is helping get the weight off. Will chase balls and play with toys but then what golden does not love those things. A bit of a thief when it comes to things on the floor but does not chew on them. He just brings them to you for your attention. Basic manners. -Vet update: Simba is current on vaccinations, microchipped and recovered from horrible skin, eye and ear infections which seem to be clearing up with treatment. We are trying to determine if he also has allergies and currently taking Benadryl to help the itchiness. He will be on Carprofen and eye ointment for the rest of his life. Plans to be neutered in the future. Unbelievable that he is such a sweetheart with the medical needs