Name: Sammy

Number: 28247

Age: 1 Years 3 Months

Gender: Female

Cars: very anxious

Cats: limited experience

Kids: Friendly, per report

Other Dogs: limited exposure, no aggression seen, shy

Owner Exp.: Very experienced

Home Alone: OK, but limited eval


Experience owner required.

Sammy is an awesome loving dog toward people. She retrieves stuffed toys and loves her belly rubs. She plays exuberantly with another older dog and restrains herself at his request. She nudges the cat unless it runs, then the chase is on until she is called off. Sammy is afraid of just about everything new, and especially panics in a car. Because of her reactions, she requires skilled handling for walks. She is walked with a head halter & body harness with a brace lead hooked to both for control as she will bolt in the opposite direction if startled. She has had a breakthrough & does much better now but be prepared. Outside in the yard she will not come if something has scared her. She goes into panic mode in the car; heavy panting, unable to focus on anything, non-responsive to voice, wants to bolt. Will try to get out of any constraint, will try to bolt as soon as released. She will need an experienced family committed to her ongoing training.