Name: Sadie

Number: 18438

Age: 8 Years 5 Months

Gender: Female

Cars: Sadie likes to ride in car or my pickup. but she benefits from a harness so she doesn't topple off the seat during braking

Cats: Has done her best to befriend cats in foster care, the cats aren't always up to it.

Kids: Friendly. Not mouthy. As pup, she grew up with 3 yr child; She will likely knock small kids over. Almost assuredly she will collect the childrens toys.

Other Dogs: Previously shared yard with 2 small indoor dogs. Although slow to warm up to big dogs, if she has the option to walk away , she makes friends at her pace - last new introduction only took ~15 minutes.

Owner Exp.: Owner should be knowledgeable on dog behaviors, behavior modification and be willing to living with dog as only dog if behavior is resistant to modification. Note that she is currently living with another large dog of equal age, 1 week for familiari

Home Alone: Does well with limitations to keep her out of trouble, such as balls of yarn - she is new to indoors and finds interesting things to do. Sadie should not be left to linger in a yard with unfriendly dog on opposing fence.