Name: Ruby

Number: 19600

Age: 0 Years 10 Months

Gender: Female

Cars: Rides well but do tether.

Cats: Unknown but seemed interested at the vet.

Kids: Is a young dog so must be over 6 yo.

Other Dogs: Does really well with foster dogs - Golden and Beagle. Takes correction well.

Home Alone: Must be gated in an area for now.


Coming Soon

My name is Ruby and I was born on November 24, 2022, so that makes me 9 months old. I am small for my age, weighing 38 lbs. There is a picture with my foster mom's dog Maise so you can see my size.I am learning basic training. and being fostered with two dogs. I have been hanging out with 4 and 6 yo boys and do my very best. I am having issues with food but my tummy is getting better. I have a Cardiologist appt on September 11th because a heart murmur was detected but it sure doesn't slow me down. If you are interested, more to come after Sept 11th.