Name: Rosie

Number: 52842

Age: 1 Years 9 Months

Gender: Female

Cars: Settles down within a few minutes. (Needs tie back or she will 'drive'.

Cats: Very interested. (too interested)

Kids: Lots of energy. Should be placed only with older kids who can be consistent with behavior modification.

Other Dogs: Ok with dogs with proper intro. Likes to race and play very roughly.

Owner Exp.: skilled

Home Alone: Needs limited crate time or outdoor time (a couple of hours) until adjusted,.



Rosie is a very cute and incredible smart girl but a diamond in the rough. She will take 8-12 weeks to adjust to a new home. Previously she was a backyard dog and slept in a kennel in the garage at night. Needless to say being inside has created opportunities as she adjusts to being an indoor dog. . She is reliably potty trained, but she is inquisitive, reaches countertops and snatches things as everything needs to be investigated by her. She sleeps peacefully at night on a dog bed in your room, but a crate is needed if she is home alone. She can be in the backyard without significant digging, but will bark at critters. She is learning to be more respectful at doors and gates. She rides in a crate in the car and settles pretty quickly. She lived with a 15 yo who she adored. She attended two puppy classes and doggie daycare, so foundation training is there if someone is committed. She walks on a face halter, or pulls on a harness. Rosie likes to play wrestle rather roughly, so moderated play time with another dog is recommended. We are looking for families that have significant dog experience and committed to continued training. One family member must be home during the day. Only children 9+. Another dog would be great. No cats. Let us know if you are willing to help Rosie with her manners.