Name: Rosie

Number: 52842

Age: 1 years 3 months

Gender: Female

Cars: Settles down within a few minutes.

Cats: Very interested. Currently being fostered wit dog savy cats. Will know more in the coming weeks.

Kids: Lots of enery. Should be placed with older kids.

Other Dogs: Ok with dogs with proper intro.

Owner Exp.: medium

Home Alone: Good but she has been living in the garage and backyard. Working on house manners.



Rosie is a very cute girl but a diamond in the rough. She was a backyard dog and slept in a kennel in the garage at night. Needless to say being inside has created some challenges as she adjusts to being an indoor dog. . She can be destructive and is almost potty trained. She loves sleeping in her crate. Can be in the backyard with no issues. Rides ok in the car once she settles. Only children 9+. No cats. Lived with a 15 yo who she adored. She attended her two puppy classes and doggie daycare so the foundation training is there if someone is committed. let us know if you are wiling to help Rosie with her manners.