Ric Rac

Name: Ric Rac

Number: 39053

Age: 8 Years 5 Months

Gender: Female


Bonded Pair Zig Zag and Ric Rac

Zig Zag (Ziggy) and Ric Rac (Ricky) were brought into rescue temporarily while their elderly mom recovered from surgery. After three months the family made the difficult decision to surrender the girls to NGRR. They are a bonded pair that rely on each other as they adjusted to their new temporary home. Ricky is 8 yo old and still very athletic. Ziggy is almost 13 yo but when you turn the sprinklers on she becomes 5 again. Both girls are low key unless the squirrels dare to cross the fence and then its game on.. We have a medical procedure to complete and then their “foster to adopt” will complete the paperwork to make their stay permanent. Both girls have brought immense joy to their new neighborhood.