Name: Pismo

Number: 88290

Age: 5 Years 10 Months

Gender: Male

Cars: Is afraid but is adjusting

Cats: Curious but lived with a cat

Kids: Unknown

Other Dogs: Unknown with new dogs

Owner Exp.: Intermediate

Home Alone: The world is very new. Pismo lived on a ranch and experienced very little outside of his world


Pismo update 8/22/2018

Pismo lived on 100 acres and spent his days with his owner, another dog and cat. He has limited experience with the real world but is adjusting. He is a big boy but losing weight. Everything new takes lots of patience, praise, yummy treats and time for adjustment. Completed his first vet appointment in 5 years. So so nervous and with lots of patience he got through it. Two baths were very successful and he now knows what to expect. Pismo is ready for an experienced family committed to positive reinforcement and training. Pismo is potty trained, sits and speaks on command. Successfully walks on leash but occasionally growls at men. Settles down nicely when asked to "Quiet". No kids for this boy.