Name: Phoebe

Number: 65224

Age: 2 Years 10 Months

Gender: Female

Cars: Aimee and Tessa are difficult to get in a car but ride well once they get settled.

Cats: Not sure how the girls would do with a cat since they had very limited time outside their home.

Kids: The girls are doing really well with older kids. Aimee is very mouthy and a family will need to continue her training.

Other Dogs: Both girls are reserve with other dogs but adapt. Aimee does try to protect Tessa initially

Home Alone: We are sure they would be fine but we have not left them for long unsupervised because everything is new.

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Tessa and Aimee - Bonded Pair (Week 3)

Tessa and Aimee are a beautiful, bonded pair that will be adopted together. They are littermates and Tessa can become stressed when Aimee has left the home. These girls are blossoming each day as they become more comfortable with their surroundings. Progress in the walking. The girls are on their walking adventures together and no longer being walked alone. They actual wag their tails and get excited when the leashes come out. They do enjoy their back yard adventures especially when friends come to visit. They require a boost to get into the car but ride well once they are in. They are potty trained and sleep on their bed together at night. They learned to navigate stairs quickly. Limited training and will need a commitment to continue their training. The toughest part is telling them apart. Both girls are current on vaccinations. We have recently completed Aimeeā€™s spay. Tessa just finished her heat cycle and will need to delay her spay for a couple of months. Both girls are a bit overweight (66 lbs) and will need to get below 60 lbs. We are looking for a special home for these girls.