Name: Nala

Number: 89488

Age: 1 Years 11 Months

Gender: Female

Cars: Rides and rests in back seat well, occasionally looking about.

Cats: Yes, has lived with elderly cat. Can be a be "pesty".

Kids: Does fine with children, has lived with older children, greets even small children nicely.

Other Dogs: High energy play once familiar.

Owner Exp.: Will need more training

Home Alone: Potty trained - success for up to 8 hours indoors!


Meet Beautiful Nala Golden-Mix

Hi, I’m Nala. I’m a sweet playful 1 y 4 mo. Golden Mix that weighs 45 lbs. I don’t look like my Golden foster sister but I am just as lovable and trying my best to please my family. I enjoy running around the backyard and playing tug. What I enjoy best, though, is just being with my human whatever they are doing. I sleep contentedly as long as I can see or touch my human. Sometimes if I want more attention, I put my paw on my human for hugs or more pets. There is an old cat in my current house. Sometimes he is grumpy and doesn’t want to play. He sometimes sleeps in my bed and I just lay next to him on the floor so as not to disturb him. I love going for walks but still need some training. I enjoy hiking too if someone would take me. I ride well in the back seat or back of an SUV so there is no problem taking me places. I would really like a home where my new owner works from home or is retired. I feel better when I am with someone. A nice yard to run around in would be good too. Cats are fine but I’m a little concerned about other dogs until I get to know them. Please go to [email protected] if you want to learn more.