Name: Monty

Number: 10803

Age: 2 Years 8 Months

Gender: Male

Cars: Rides good and loves to go places.

Cats: He chases

Kids: Does well but can be protective

Other Dogs: Good with proper introduction. Loves to play and tennis balls.

Owner Exp.: Experienced. Young and needs boundaries.

Home Alone: Significant separation anxiety. Can not be left at home alone.


Special Needs- Monty

Monty is a beautiful 75 lbs Golden Mix. He has significant separation anxiety and can not be left alone. He has chewed his way out of a crate and broken a window when left unattended. He was sent to board and train but the training did not help the anxiety. He is very well trained except for the ability to leave him without his 2 legged humans. We are hoping a four-legged friend will help. Monty lived with kids and appears to do well with other dogs with proper introduction.