Name: Marley

Number: 31580

Age: 0 Years 9 Months

Gender: Female

Cars: Marigold jumps in and does great.

Cats: Marigold is only 8 months old and would probably be fine. She has short barks with anything new but then adjusts.

Kids: Marigold lived with kids but she is young and lacks socialization. Teenagers would be ok.

Other Dogs: Marigold is doing good with each new dog she meets. Continues to build confidence. She is being fostered with a Golden Retriever but wants to play all the time.

Owner Exp.: Very Experienced

Home Alone: Marigold was left alone for 3 hours and did a lot of counter surfing because of her age. Recommend working on crate training when left alone to keep out of trouble until she learns.

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Marigold 2/24

2/24 UPDATE: Still Looking for her Forever Home. Marigold is an 8 month old Golden Retriever/German Sheppard spayed female. All medical is complete. She had limited socialization beyond her immediate family that did include kids. Everything is new and can be scary but usually only the first introduction. She will need an experienced owner focused on her training and introduction to her new world. She now can meet strangers on the street with no barking. She bonds very quickly. She is fostered with a Golden Retriever and is doing well although at 8 yo Cody can tire of her enthusiasm. She has met several dogs and is excited but takes correction well. She is potty trained with no accidents. She has proven her counter surfing capabilities when left unsupervised. Exercise is very important since she is a very athletic dog and enjoys 3-5 mile walks daily. Prefer no young kids but dog savvy teenage kids may be considered. Our Adoption Applications are still on hold but you can send your inquiries to [email protected]. Please note: NGRR only adopts our dogs in Northern California and Nevada..