Name: Maizie

Number: 65164

Age: 2 Years 10 Months

Gender: Female

Cars: good

Cats: unknown

Kids: no young kids

Other Dogs: only good with large friendly male dogs

Owner Exp.: medium

Home Alone: ok for a few hours, but may howl when you leave


Looking for a special home

Do you have a new best doggie friend for Maizie? Or do you want to be her new best friend? Maizie was surrendered to NGRR and turns out to be an Australian Labradoodle rather than a goldendoodle as we had thought. Oops! Like many of us humans, Maizie has had a challenging 2020 and she is now looking for her forever home. She would love one or two adult human companions, and ideally, another large friendly young male dog to play with. She would like to live in a quieter suburban environment rather than a bustling city, and she loves going on long walks/hikes on leash. Maizie can take a little time to decide she likes you, but once she does, you’re friends forever. At about 30 pounds, she is very portable and likes to run errands with her humans. Due to a prior bite and a bossy personality, she cannot be placed in a household with children, or a female dog, or any small animals. New adoption applications to NGRR are currently closed. However, if you think you would be a great home for Maizie AND can offer what is described above, please contact Karen at [email protected]