Name: Lucy

Number: 77962

Age: 2 Years 1 Months

Gender: Female

Cars: She does pant, but seems to be doing much better. She jumps right in now.

Cats: Met a cat and there was no reaction

Kids: very good - owner had small children ages 2 and 4 she was gentle with them

Other Dogs: good

Owner Exp.: new to some experience

Home Alone: ok - she was crated 8-10 hours a day


Sweet and Gentle

My name is Lucy and I am 2 years old. I'm not spayed yet, and I have had a litter of puppies. My Foster Mom is taking me to the vet soon to have that done, along with all of my shots. I am pretty easygoing and gentle with small children. I like playing with other dogs but I have never interacted with cats. I know how to sit and stay, and sometimes I do counter surf, but if you tell me "NO", I stop. My owner never had me on a leash and I never had a collar, so I'm trying to get used to those things. Oh, the other thing you should know about me is that I eat really fast and then I want to eat the other dog's food too, so you may want to feed me in a separate area. I also love to get pets and cuddles. I think I would be a great lapdog!