Name: Leo

Number: 45066

Age: 2 Years 2 Months

Gender: Male

Cars: Rides great in a car

Cats: Unknown

Kids: Older kids only

Other Dogs: Great with dogs

Owner Exp.: Expereinced and no kids

Home Alone: Would be better with another dog if going t be left. As a bit on anxiety but can be left 2-4 hours


Leo is looking for his forever home.

Leo is a beautiful 80 lb male golden. He is extremely athletic and will do best with two walks a day, another dog in the home, and some ball throwing in the backyard. He had 3 week-long board and train sessions but is a bit rusty. Due to their methods, no shock collar or pronged collar can be used. He had a lot of changes in his life, creating some anxiety and hard-mouth behavior. He has been evaluated by a Veterinary Behavior in San Francisco and they have prescribed Clonidine which is given daily. We are happy to share this report. Due to the previous owner's write-up, we will place him in an adult-only home. His current foster has not seen any of the documented problems and has a follow-up appt with Dr. Gerken on the 28th. Leo can be left during the day for 2-4 hours if there is not another dog in the home. Leo is crate trained.