Name: Kiki

Number: 37727

Age: 8 Years 6 Months

Gender: Female

Cars: Does well. Will jump in on her own even though she could ose 10 lbs.

Cats: Not tested but owner said great

Kids: Great. Typical golden

Other Dogs: Great lives with her sister Shelby.

Home Alone: Great with her sister.



Kiki was part of a bonded pair. Her sister Shelby has recently been diagnosed with cancer and Shelby's osteoarthritis is getting worse. We have decided to move forward and find Kiki another Golden brother or sister that wants to play with her in her forever home. Kiki is currently on a weight reduction diet because she weighs 77 lbs. with a recommended weight of 65 lbs. Her thyroid was checked and her panel looks good so the weight loss plan included reduced food and more exercise. Kiki walks well with excellent leash behavior when meeting dogs and people on their walks. she is supposed to be to be good with cats. Kiki loves to give kisses even when you are grooming. Good with kids. Walks great on a leash and the neighborhood kids will take her for a walk. Very typical Golden Retriever.