Name: Justice

Number: 60182

Age: 10 Years 6 Months

Gender: Female

Cars: Loves to go for a ride but very difficult to get in at 122 lbs.

Cats: Good

Kids: Good

Other Dogs: Good

Owner Exp.: medium. Justice has a very long journey to go from 140 lbs to 70lbs

Home Alone: Good


Justice has a long journey to shed the 140 lbs when she joined NGRR on December 28th. She has currently lost 45 lbs. and much more mobile. She loves to go for slow walks and is currently up to 5 blocks in her daily walks. She will play fetch and knows basic manners. She loves to go for car rides and motivated with new surroundings. Great with dogs, cats and kids. She is being encouraged to get up and move every two hours to assist with her weight loss. Best if she lives in a single-story home so she does not feel excluded from the family. Her significant weight gain was attributed to a non-functioning thyroid. She will remain on thyroid medicine for the rest of her life.