Name: JuJu

Number: 12733

Age: 3 Years 7 Months

Gender: Female

Cars: Needs to be put in car but then rides great, quiet. Updated...jumps right in

Cats: unknown but seems would be fine

Kids: great

Other Dogs: friendly, likes to say hi but doesn't really play

Owner Exp.: beginner

Home Alone: fine, very housebroken

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****JuJu IS A SMALL DOG AND ONLY 20LBS**** Definately a "doddle" of some sort. She does not shed. Approx. 31/2 years old. . She is a quirky little thing. Very well behaved but doesn't seem to know any basic commands. Does great with all the hustle and bustle of our busy household. Loves the grandkids. Seemed to be fearful of the leash when she first came to us. If you could put it on her she would just lay down and not budge. Now she associates it with positive things, so getting much better. We walk and hike off leash and she follows right along no problem. Skin was pretty bad from flea dermatitis but is clearing up nicely and no futher itchiness. No ongoing medical issues. Loves to be with her people, not super cuddly just needs to keep you in sight. She is a little underwieght but has a good appitite, needs to gain a few more pounds. Looks like she may have been bred a few times. JuJu needs a forever home where she can be loved and and treated like the sweetheart that she is. Spayed the 1st of May, all her vacc's are updated. She is ready to go!