Name: Jake

Number: 77902

Age: 14 Years 5 Months

Gender: Male

Cars: Great - loves going places

Cats: respectful

Kids: have not lived with any, probably ok

Other Dogs: good

Home Alone: good - left alone all day and night recently


Jake and Jessie!

Foster says these guys are busy running all over the yard - chasing whatever suits their fancy! they don't bark...don't mess up the house...love to cuddle and be petted...What more could you ask for in a best friend!? :)

Jake & Jessie

Do you believe two is better than one?! Double means twice the fun?! Well...Meet Jake and Jessie! These boys seem to be singing "Here comes the sun!" all day long! They love running through the grass in the yard and going on long walks twice a day. Riding in cars to go on many adventures is the best! These boys have lived together since they were just pups, and are still having fun and loving life. They have as much enthusiasm and energy as any 5 year old dog, and are happy to show you their stuff! If you want two for the fun of one, these boys would love to show you a good time, and be there for you at home, snuggling while you watch TV or walking with you on your way to get your morning coffee.