Name: Eddie

Number: 64736

Age: 10 years 0 months

Gender: Male

Cars: Rides well

Cats: Becoming friends with foster mom's cat

Kids: Good, best with older children

Other Dogs: Good, enjoys meeting new dogs and learning to play

Owner Exp.: Will remain with his foster, as she is familiar with his care/meds..Eddie has very limited mobility due to severe arthritis.

Home Alone: Fine


Our Friend Eddie

Eddie came to NorCal in 2017 as an 8+ yr old dog...he is now closer to 10 yrs old. He's a very sweet older guy, but not capable of much activity as he has very severe arthritis. He is being given the best life possible, with a dog and cat as his bff's! His idea of a good day would be sunshine, good food, good friends, and a great place to hang out...without too much pressure to move about much! :)

Hi! My name is Eddie and I'm 8 years old. I'm a smaller golden weighing around 45 lbs. I am still learning the basic commands. I'm trying hard to not mark in the house, but I often do and my foster mom continues to help and work with me. I'm good on a leash but I'm slowing down just a bit and starting to have a weak hind end. I love my short walks and sniffing along the way is the best! I"m a sweet little guy who hasn't had the best start in life but is now loving each day and thankful for being rescued.