Name: Cooper

Number: 29641

Age: 3 Years 4 Months

Gender: Male

Cars: Picasso ride fine in a crate but needs to be lifted in.

Cats: Picasso has chased cats from the backyard. No experience in the home

Kids: Unknown. Lived with teenagers but was a backyard dog

Other Dogs: Picasso seems to be be good but us very energetic

Owner Exp.: Medium experience young backyard dog. Not potty trained

Home Alone: Picasso has been a backyard dog and stayed in a crate. Would need to be crated or in a controlled environment


PIcasso update

Picasso is a beautiful 3 1/2 year old white golden. He has lived his entire life in the back yard although all veterinary care was provided during his life. He is currently incredibly stressed as we try to teach him to be an indoor dog and is not potty trained. We are using lots of crate time and puppy potty training protocols. He loves other dogs, does great at the vet and rides in a car well once you get him in. He is good on leash unless he sees a cat. We will be placing him with a forever home with another dog to help guide him and build his confidence. Potential families are already selected.