Name: COCO

Number: 81207

Age: 0 Years 11 Months

Gender: Male

Cars: Rides well

Cats: Don't know

Kids: Over 12 would be good

Other Dogs: After proper intro he's fine

Owner Exp.: Intermediate to experienced

Home Alone: Not so much



This young pup was pulled from the shelter in San Francisco. He's a big rough and tumble boy. He's mouthy, sweet, affectionate and is in need of a good stable home. Coco is a mix, he may be golden and Pyrenees, or maybe golden and Husky. His coat is thick and whiter than a pure bred golden. He's a young boy with his full life ahead. Are you ready to teach him some golden manners? This boy needs a secured yard, please no apartments or condos for this young boy. He needs a home before Christmas, is that you???