Name: Clifford

Number: 11070

Age: 9 Years 7 Months

Gender: Male

Cars: ok, rides quietly

Cats: unknown

Kids: unknown, would do best w/kids over 12

Other Dogs: unknown but probably not

Owner Exp.: He needs a family who understands Golden Oldies

Home Alone: ok, so far



Clifford is warming up to Luci, a younger Golden...I think he'd like to play, but do not think he's done much of that! He's very waggy-tail, and lots of curious sniffing...he'll be playing soon. He's a very sweet dog, just wants to be with you...and he's very quiet! :)

Big Red Dog

Clifford is waiting for his mid-January appointment to have a large mass removed (that is hanging between his back legs). He has improved very much since being in foster care, partially due to now being on pain meds. He's a happy dog, willing to go along with whatever you ask...he's very animated and playful for an older guy. He does not seem to like other dogs much - not sure if he's ever been exposed as he was a backyard dog...and due to his age and arthritis in his rear end, children would need to be at least 12+. He's great about riding in cars, sleeping in crates, and loves squeaky toys! But MOST of all...he LOVES pets, and being brushed!