Name: Buddy

Number: 72339

Age: 5 Years 4 Months

Gender: Male

Cars: Very well behaved

Cats: Buddy's prey drive says No Cats!

Kids: Reported to be good with older kids.

Other Dogs: Loves to play. A little nervous on first meeting but then he's fine.

Owner Exp.: medium

Home Alone: Was crated for short periods, but never left for long.



Buddy is an energetic, fun-loving, critter-chasing boy! Beware chipmunks and squirrels! Buddy is well behaved in the house and car. He'd like a mom or dad who is home most of the time and a big yard (acres!) to play in. He's good at playing fetch and swimming, and he comes when he's called. (Well, usually.) Maybe he'd be a candidate for agility or search/rescue work? He's very speedy.