Name: Brady

Number: 74983

Age: 0 Years 2 Months

Gender: Male

Cars: Rides well in crate

Cats: Probably fine since he is a puppy

Kids: Older kids because he is a puppy

Other Dogs: Great

Home Alone: 2 hours - puppy


Paul Revere

Paul Revere is one of four F1 Golden-Doodle puppies. Mom is a golden and dad is a standard poodle. He is a well-rounded boy of the four puppies and does love to cuddle when he was done playing. He does really well with my two adult male intake goldens. He is not potty trained but learning if you follow an established process. Sleeps in a crate. Needs 3 meals a day. The first puppy shots are on August 11. No public adventures for another two more months until the 3 DAPP are administered.