Name: Bella

Number: 85292

Age: 2 Years 7 Months

Gender: Female

Cars: Loves car rides, sits perfectly in backseat, I keep her on leash in car to have control of her getting out safely.

Cats: totally ignores them, probably not interested in them.

Kids: too noisy for her, will need older calm kids if in home

Other Dogs: good, enjoys greeting dogs and walking with them, if too young and playful she'll ignore them, if they are jumping and highly excited she doesn't like it and if they don't leave her alone she'll tell them with a bark

Owner Exp.: advanced - medical issue and very shy

Home Alone: still working on this, doesn't like it, howls, cries, and is frantic to find me. I have high hopes 4/4/22 Vet Behaviorist with SFSPCA

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Today Bella and I went to coffee shop to hang with a friend. As you see she enjoyed licking the empty cup. She was a great coffee hang out girl.

Moved to a foster home!

Bella has moved to a new foster home where she'll be unpacking her bags and settling into a quieter life. We'll give an update in a few weeks.

Beautiful Bella

Bella is a golden mix that came from a tough situation in the Central Valley and was adopted when she was about 6 months old. She is beautiful blonde, short-haired girl. She weighs about 60 pounds and has basic manners once she bonds with her family. She was living with young children but will be looking for a home without children (or maybe with older kids). She was with her current family for almost two years, and earlier this year, she started having what appeared to be seizures, with increasing frequency over time. She went to see a neurologist, and after an MRI, it was determined that she was not having seizures was missing part of her brain that controls movement and balance. She has a movement disorder that looks like she’s having a seizure. She is on prednisone and it has really helped her movement and balance. We are not sure yet what her medical future looks like but she deserves a forever home. Also, remember the part about coming from a tough situation in her formative first few months of life? As a result, Bella is also very fearful of people. She clearly loves the family who surrendered her, so she can bond with people but it will likely be a lengthy project. Bella has loved having a dog sibling who she looks to for guidance, so a calmer dog of any size would be a nice to have for her as well. If you have the patience to let Bella get to know you, you can provide a safe, fairly quiet environment for her with no kids under 8 yo. We would love to tell you more about her. Bella had a visit to the neurologist again last week, and he said that the prednisone she is taking helps with the movement/balance disorder and that she will likely be on this medication for her whole life. Bella needs a quiet environment and space to unpack herself to feel comfortable. Please reach out if you can help!