Ricky Bobby

Name: Ricky Bobby

Number: 28653

Age: 1 Years 9 Months

Gender: Male

Cars: Rode in the car with me for an hour in his crate w/no problems.

Cats: No cats. Has strong prey drive.

Kids: Teenage kids only. He had issues and we are trying to determine the best home.

Other Dogs: With proper introduction only.

Home Alone: Does well but gets bored easily.


Rick 2 Weeks after Board and Train

Hi, my name is Rick. I am a 1 y 8mo recently neutered male weighing in at 82 lbs. Yes, I could lose a few lbs but I am a big beautiful blond boy. I had no training so I was very impulsive and was not taught good manners with the children I lived with since I was a puppy. I used my mouth to grab my children when they wouldn’t play with me and steal things from everywhere. Lucky for me I just spent 2 weeks in board and train to learn to be a better family member. I have been taught not to counter surf, steal shoes, use my mouth appropriately, and basic manners of sit, down, stay, retrieve and return. I walk pretty well on a leash and love love my toys. I spent two weeks with three other dogs and only had an issue with a high-value frozen bone one week into my training. I am looking for my forever home with knowledgeable and committed adults, a nice dog, maybe teenage kids raised with dogs but a family committed to daily exercise and ball playing. My training must continue for my success because I love to learn and am highly motivated by toys and food. I am currently being fostered in Santa Clara County.