Name: Mattie

Number: 52777

Age: 8 years 5 months

Gender: Female

Cars: Rides fine

Cats: Doing well with the cats. Interested but does not chase. Very respectful with cat correction.

Kids: No young kids under 12yo

Other Dogs: Maybe another senior gentle dog

Owner Exp.: Medium experience with dog reactive care

Home Alone: During the work day is fine. Crate trained at night.


Mattie Update

Mattie is doing very well adjusting here to her new foster family. She looks at the cats but does not chase them. She like chasing squirrels on the fence and loves lounging in the sun in the backyard. She has also adjusted to sleeping in the crate, and we do not have to get up during the night to let her out! She is okay on leash, pulls a little, but not horribly. . She will play catch with a tennis ball for as long as we throw it, she doesn’t get tired! All in all, she is a good senior girl and deserves a wonderful, loving home where she can live out her years without young children. 