Name: Ellie

Number: 20888

Age: 0 Years 6 Months

Gender: Female

Cars: Did ok but did start to get carsick and stopped herself

Cats: Unknown

Kids: Older kids because she is a typical puppy

Other Dogs: She did really well with meeting fosters border collie and chihuahua. Lots of play bows during corrections

Owner Exp.: Expereinced - puppy

Home Alone: She is a puppy so only a couple of hours and in a crate


Cute Goldendoodle

Ellie is a very cute 6-month-old Goldendoodle. She weighs approximately 45 lbs but will know more during her wellness evaluation on July 9th. She is just a puppy that has lived in two homes with limited training. Current on all her shots, deworming, and treatment for an ear and skin infection in April. Did well with her initial meeting with the foster's two dogs. Tried to initiate play when she was being corrected by the Chihuahua so a cat may be fine if they don't run. She is being fostered in San Jose.